5 Thrilling Things to Do While Holidaying on the Isle of Skye

The rugged topography, stunning landscapes, and fishing villages make the Isle of Skye one of Scotland’s most popular weekend destinations. Are you planning to spend a romantic holiday on the Isle of Skye? Then you can easily book a stay at affordable accommodations like John Fisher’s Cottage on the Isle of Skye. However, if you need to learn about the places you should visit when you’re holidaying on the Isle of Skye, here’re some enlightening points that can make your trip memorable.

What are the things you can do on the Isle of Skye?

  • Visit Old Man of Storr

Enjoy the absolutely stunning and surreal beauty of the grassy hills in the old man of Storr. It is a safe trekking option, and you can take your children. The backdrop and the trail are beautiful and picturesque. 

  • Enjoy Kayaking 

The Isle of Skye is famous for its crystal clear water. Engaging in day-long kayaking can be a refreshing and memorable holiday experience if you’re not afraid of water sports. 

  • Visit magical fairy pools

The pools around the Isle of Skye have blue and green backgrounds with outlandish beauty. They will give you a fairy tale feeling right in the middle of the real world. It is a must-visit spot for spending a day or two on the Isle of Skye. 

  • Go a boating 

The Isle of Skye has exotic aquatic life, which consists of sharks, dolphins, seals etc. go for a boating trip so that you can enjoy the same to the fullest.