Experience Stargazing in Isle of Skye in a Cottage Accommodation

Ever thought of looking at the vast sky at night with a flurry of bright stars? You might think it is too good to be true in urban life. However, to experience such a majestic view, you must reach the Isle of Skye.

What Makes the Isle of Skye the Perfect Stargazing Spot?

Along with its beautiful coastline and abundance of natural beauty, the Isle of Skye is also regarded as a paradise for astrophiles. It is a UNESCO Biosphere reserve with a mild climate and negligible air pollution. You can choose your accommodation at any of the cottages on the Isle of Skye.

Stargazing on the island is regarded as one of the best nighttime activities. Whether you visit the Isle of Skye with friends or family, you must not miss this unique experience.

Book a Comfortable Cottage for Stay:

As darkness creeps in, the island’s skyline starts gleaming with stars. If you are acquainted with the night sky, you will be able to easily identify The Milky Way, Cassiopeia, Plough Dazzle, etc. All you need to do is brief your cottage accommodation about your preferred nighttime activity. They will try their best to equip you with the right items for a complete stargazing experience.

Choose Your Location Wisely:

If you want to see a dramatic display of stars and witness occasional meteor showers, you must reach some remote locations on the island. Set up your camp on the breathtaking Brighstone Beach or Cliff, and enjoy looking at the brightly lit stars amidst the roaring sea. Other suitable spots for stargazing include Freshwater Bay, Compton Bay, Whale Chine, Brook Chine, and Yaverland.

Visit at the Right Time:

Typically, October to December is considered the best time for stargazing in the Isle. The sky gets dark by 8 pm, offering a clear view without much cloud cover. Plan your trip during or immediately after a new moon, as it offers the best view. The moon’s brightness won’t deflect the fainter stars, giving you the opportunity to spot thousands of stars without the help of a telescope.

Now that you are planning a trip to rediscover your childhood stargazing memories, you might need proper accommodation. Choose John Fisher’s Cottage, one of the most well-known cottages on the Isle of Skye. Book your stay at a property bordering a sea lock and a Munro. For additional details, you can contact our team or visit our website today.