Facilities To Check While Booking Holiday Cottages in the Isle of Skye

Cottages are among the most beautiful places if you plan a trip to the Isle of Skye. Night stay at a cottage will help you to experience the Northern lights and the romantic sceneries. From the coast to the countryside, cottages in the Isle of Skye are welcoming and add a memorable moment to the trip. However, cottages are not similar to luxurious hotels. Hence, before you select a cottage, make sure that you check the facilities available. 

If you check the facilities beforehand, you can easily experience a comfortable stay in the cottage. Here’s a list of facilities to check with the authorities of the cottage owners so that you can choose the cottage of your choice and enrich your stay in the Isle of Skye. 

What are the Facilities to Check While Booking Cottages? 

Check the Availability of a Hot Tub

Cottages with hot tubs are a major facility of every cottage. This enhances the accommodation experience. It is a luxurious treat for people planning to stay in a cottage for vacation. If you want to enhance your experience, ask the cottage authorities. 

Check the Availability of Gadgets

Cottages are generally situated in secluded localities. Hence, the evenings after the sunset can be boring if you don’t have a proper set of gadgets within the cottage. So make sure that when you choose a cottage, proper gadgets should be available. Common ones like the TV, audio systems and gaming systems are the basic ones that can help you spend some cosy evenings with your family. 

Ask for Security Options

Since you’re going to live in a private cottage, make sure that you check the security options beforehand. There should be fences around the garden and property. Especially if you’re travelling with a child, this is a major security option you should check. Durable and secured fences around the property are necessary. 

Check Entertainment Factors for Kids

If kids are accompanying you, then make sure that you select a kid-friendly cottage for the holiday. Things like baby pools, soft play areas, cots and bottle heaters are a few things that, if present, will enhance your stay in the cottage with a child. Also, make sure that the cottage has private catering services as well. 

Availability of Woodburner Stove

The wood burner or fireplace stoves are an integral part of the cottage. This sets a romantic essence and gives your cottage a warm and cosy glow. Before booking, make sure that you check the availability for the same. 

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