Few Useful Insights to Know While Taking Your Dog to A Cottage Holiday

Dogs, as pets, effortlessly become a close part of your family. They become so involved with all the activities that you cannot imagine keeping them apart. From spending some good time outdoors to a long trip, your pet becomes your constant partner.

Look for Pet-Friendly Accommodations:

If you plan to spend the summer at a serene cottage at the magical beach of Isle of Skye, you should look for pet-friendly accommodations. Most cottages in the Isle of Skye allow dogs and other regular pets. However, you may have to follow some rules for a hassle-free stay.

Considerations While Taking a Dog to Cottage Holiday:

Taking a dog to a cottage holiday can be a great experience. To make the most of this revel, you should follow some important things, which we discuss in the following section.

  • Plan the Journey in Advance: You should prepare to take your canine friend on a holiday even before starting the journey. Try making them accustomed to the cottage life in your home. Take them out frequently while driving to your destination. This will help them relax and get some fresh air at regular intervals. It would be especially helpful for dogs who do not go out of the house frequently.
  • Make Your Dog Feel at Home in the Cottage: When your dog arrives at the cottage for the first time, they will naturally be unsettled and uncomfortable. It is you who can make them feel at home and relaxed. Bring as many familiar items as possible, including their pillows, toys and blankets. Show them around the new surroundings and allow them to explore the different parts of the property.
  • Get Contact Details of a Local Vet: It is always handy to keep information on the local vet who can treat your dog if it becomes uncomfortable. In some cases, contacting the regular vet from the Isle of Skye may help. But, it is helpful to trust experienced local veterinarians for certain treatments.

These are some of the useful tips you might follow when your furry friend is your holiday companion. To book comfortable accommodation in the serene location of Isle of Skye, contact John Fisher’s Cottage. We have modernised cottage accommodations that will suit all your requirements. Visit our website today to book one of our luxury cottages in the Isle of Skye.