Mistakes You Must Avoid When Planning a Trip to the Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is one of the most popular places to visit in Scotland. Planning a road trip can be worthwhile when you plan to visit this beautiful island. We recommend booking cottages for a memorable trip with your family or friends. Here are some things you must know about this mesmerising place.

Avoid These Mistakes When Visiting the Isle Of Skye

Underestimating the Size of Skye

It has often been seen that travellers from bigger countries think Scotland is so small. But covering the beauty of Skye isn’t possible in a day. It may look like a tiny island based in Scotland, but it has many interesting points. So, you might miss several attractions when rushing.

Planning a Trip for Just a Day

As mentioned above, one day is not enough if you want to cover this island completely. We suggest planning the trip for a minimum of three days. 

Visiting during the Summer Season

The Isle of Skye has gained major popularity in the last few years. Most people visit the island at the peak of the summer season. The period from June to August is said to be the busiest for this island. So, we don’t recommend visiting this place in the summer if possible. You can plan your trip during the spring or autumn if you want to avoid traffic jams and crowds. 

Staying in the Main Town

This is the most common mistake that visitors make. We understand it is preferable for those who are travelling via public transport. However, if you drive to Skye, you can avoid staying in Portree. But remember, this doesn’t mean you need to stay outside Skye! John Fisher’s Cottage is one of the best cottages you can book to make your trip memorable.

Not Booking Cottages in Advance

It’s no surprise that last moment booking involves a lot of hassle. Ensure to book your favourite cottage at least two to three months prior. 

Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about the Isle of Skye.

  • Weather on this island takes rain to a whole different level. Even during the spring and summer, you can expect rain 13-16 days a month. And that’s a lot.
  • You can have one of the best hiking experiences on Skye.

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