Reasons Why Self Catering Accommodations Are Better than Hotels

Are you an advanced planner when it comes to holidays? Do you wish to stay at a place far from the usual hurly-burly of the city? Then you might be a fan of the self-catering accommodations. These include cottages and shared accommodations in one’s home.

The Rising Popularity of Cottages:

 Looking at the past, we can note a sharply increasing demand for self-catering accommodations across the UK. It is an independent mode of stay, for which most travellers make it their first preference. You can also expect flexibility and a touch of home, which are hard to find in hotels or tourist lodges.

Why Choose Self-Catering Accommodations Over Hotels?

So, choose a comfortable cottage stay if you are looking for suitable accommodation on the Isle of Skye. It can give you multiple benefits, some of which are noted below.

  • Convenience: Flexibility is the first thing that modern-day travellers vouch for. It is the primary feature offered by self-catering hotels. You only have to follow the check-in and check-out times from the accommodation. Otherwise, there are very few restrictions to worry about.
  • More Spacious: Generally, cottages and other self-catering accommodations are bigger than the regular hotels. Most of these accommodations are set up in multiple rooms, including a bedroom, a living room and a spacious dining area. You can plan your stay according to your personal preference. You can also look for cottages with balconies or open areas to enjoy the stunning views outside.
  • Much More Economical: When it comes to the price of cottage accommodations, you will surely find a stark difference from the hotels. It will help you reduce the overall travel costs if you are with your family or a big group. Unlike hotels, these do not have a per-person charge. Thus, the fare is determined on a complete home or villa.
  • Versatility: As the name suggests, you have to arrange for your own food in self-catering stays. You can either bring food from a local eatery or prepare all dishes by yourself. This is a versatile mode of stay that helps you explore your love for cooking.

 These are a few features that make cottage stays much more convenient than hotels. If these points have convinced you to book a cottage for your next holiday, turn to John Fisher’s Cottage. Here, you can find spacious accommodation with a breathtaking view of the Scottish valley. Our cottage can be your primary choice for accommodation on the Isle of Skye. For more information, you can visit our website today.