Top Amenities A Holiday Cottage Must Have For Exceptional Experience

When guests book a holiday cottage, they expect it to have certain facilities to make their holiday wonderful. Whether it’s a garden or a well-equipped kitchen, you need to have the best in a cottage where you are supposed to spend quality time with your loved ones. Find cosy self-catering cottages in Isle of Skye with a good view to enjoy your precious time.


Must-Have Amenities in a Holiday Cottage

  1. Good WiFi: Unless you are looking for an “off-the-grid” experience, having good WiFi is one of the important amenities in modern vacation rentals. It’s not also bad if you just want to disconnect from the rest of the world for a while to spend all your with your family without any distractions.
  2. Kitchen Appliances: When you look for self-catering accommodation, having all the useful and necessary appliances in a kitchen is a must for proper cooking. Even if not all, it should have a good range of cutlery, cookware like pots, pans etc., decent crockery, knives, a kettle, a toaster and a coffee maker. These are the basic things for a kitchen.
  3. Pet-Friendly: For pet owners, you cannot deny that they treat pets equally to their own children. Though not all the guests would need these amenities, making a stay pet-friendly is overwhelming for all the pet parents and greatly helps you earn good reviews. 
  4. Good Entertainment: A cottage must have a few types of entertainment activities for both kids and adults. It can have a television with all the streaming platform subscriptions or outdoor games. In case you aren’t able to access TV, offering a range of books or indoor games can help them to enjoy their vacation in a better way.
  5. A Hot Tub: A hot tub or jacuzzi can transform any property into a romantic getaway. They are easy to install and require less space.
  6. Offer a Bonfire and Barbecue Experience: Well, this is something every property must offer. This is one of the most basic facilities that can be offered to guests to make their stay worthwhile. 
  7. Local Maps, Guide Books and Recommendations: You can keep a booklet with the most attractive tourist attractions. You can guide them to visit a few hidden gems that are unheard of and make recommendations for food places that, as a tourist, your guests must experience. It would help you to make a good impression on guests.
  8. Pictures and Presentation: Having good pictures with attractive decor can help you greatly to get more audience attracted to your accommodation. Make sure to introduce contemporary touches and picture nooks and ensure aesthetically appealing backdrops to allow your guests to click some Instagram-worthy pictures. These small inclusions can make a big difference in their stay.  
  9. Spruce Up the Decks, Gardens and Patios: You can transform your outdoor spaces into makeshift viewing decks to offer your guests a cosy space where they can relax and enjoy the views with a hot cup of coffee.

Hire the Best Cottages in Isle of Skye

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